The Bachelorette

24 Jul


Hi Everyone! I’m just going to start talking on here as if I actually have a following..Anyways, I’m currently sitting on my couch, listening to Chelsea Lately while enjoying my glass of Robert Mandovi pinot noir. It’s a great wine for $7.00 by the way! Last night, I was watching one of my favorite shows, and I decided it might help you get to know me if you as well watch the show and know my views ūüôā¬†

I haven’t been into “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” until last season when I was unemployed and bored. Obviously I got sucked in being the hopeless romantic that I am. I’ve got to say that this season has way more drama. Who would have thought that men would create more drama?! All that testosterone, I suppose.¬†

“The Men Tell All” episode was not too exciting. It was mostly a pissing contest, and then arguing over things that we all witnessed.¬†

I’m very excited for the top 3 candidates. I liked them all since the beginning. Here’s the order of who I like:


Chris is my #1 fave! Not only is he super cute, but he is sporty and artsy just like Des. He seems to be super genuine about his intentions and commitment. The only thing Des may not like is that his family didn’t have any special spark to them. Although, I don’t know about you but a chiropractor father-in-law would be awesome! I think they have what it takes to last forever.¬†



Drew is a close #2 for me. Something tells me that he either is a reformed player or was physically immature growing up…but he’s ripe now! I can tell he’s ready to settle down. His disabled sister is very endearing, and his sweet father seems like just the dad Des always wanted. I feel that Des and Drew have a lot of similar/complimenting qualities, and if they stay equally committed, they would be able to keep a marriage.¬†



Though Brooks was the first one to warm my heart in this season, there’s something off about him. He is very sweet and adventurous just like Des wants, but he seems a little young. He is the only one who hasn’t confessed his “love” yet. In fact, when him and Des were using metaphors for where they were feeling-wise, he admitted to being a step behind her. ¬†Psychologically, this usually never fails to get people to want what they can’t have. I feel like Des has had a stubborn bias attached to him from the start. He’s not completely sure he wants to get married. It seems as though he’d say he would marry her to keep her around for more time for himself to decide. Another thing that was off to me was his family. There was a whole bunch of them, no one in particular who Brooks seemed very close to, and I got a feeling that there is more to the story.¬†

I’m so excited to see what happens! Clearly Des is happy with the results, and that’s all that matters.¬†




PS. Does anyone else think that there should be a fantasy Bachelor/Bachelorette league, or am I too obsessed? 



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