Best Beauty Tip: Curling Your Lashes With Your Palm

26 Jul


I remember sitting at my internship doing boring monotonous work, when Bobbi Brown came on a talk show. She was talking about her new line, and the last question that was asked to her was “What is the best beauty tip you can give us?” She answered with the tip that I am about to share with you! Say goodbye to your eyelash curler and hello to…Palming! (At least that’s what I call it)


When your mascara is about halfway dry,  take the lower part of your palm and press it against your lashes enough to bend them while you are closing your eye. It keeps the lashes fanned out, and creates a broader curl as opposed to the curler contraptions. I also noticed that the heat from my palm acts as a sort of iron for it the longer I hold it there, which helps it hold the curl.

DISCLAIMER: I have naturally long eyelashes, and I am not positive that this would work on all types of lashes, but it’s worth a shot! Especially if Bobbi Brown recommends it 😉


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