Pretty Little Liars

26 Jul


SPOILER ALERT: I will be talking about the most recent episode if you are not caught up!

Don’t get me wrong- I’m so glad this show is back!!! It always feels like ages in between seasons. There are a few things that bug me though, and only because I’m totally hooked. We were supposed to get answers this season, and so far it feels like we only got half answers. Who’s car just drove into Emily’s house and tried to kill her mom?! We should know who all the suspects are by now, and frankly I’m going to be really disappointed if Shana has any real involvement. She was just a randomly added character who shouldn’t even know who Alison is.


Part of me is sad that the T.E.A.M. A theory (Toby, Ezra, Aria, Mona, Alison) is kaput. I was expecting something really juicy and now it’s like “Just kidding, Alison is actually alive!”….and the evil twin theory?! I know that’s the story in the book, but the first few seasons there has been NO twin mentioned. They can’t just spring that on us!

Has anyone else noticed that when this scene is flashed back to, sometimes her hair is curly, and others it’s straight…?

Anyways, I’ve decided I’m just along for the ride, and giving up on theories for now.

Since I decided to look at the overall picture…Has anyone else noticed that they became seniors very fast? It almost doesn’t make sense because all of the episodes and seasons are sequential days later, so it should really only be like 6 months into their sophomore year, right? There’s some holes…If you were to watch a marathon, you’d see that Halloween is the only holiday that Rosewood celebrates…

Has anyone seen this? Totally photoshopped…

I digress… is anyone else super impatient for answers?!?!


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