Saturday in L.A.

28 Jul

My Saturday started off with a great mood from sleeping in a little. Nate and I played music while we got ready to head over to the beach. Venice was pretty overcast. The sun was fighting hard to burn through those stubborn clouds! It was still very warm.



We walked over to our little special place, Figtree’s Cafe on the boardwalk for lunch. Nate had an Oxaca eggwhite scramble with really yummy salsa, and I had a turkey burger with a green salad. We got nice and relaxed with mimosas and then pomosas (pomegranate mimosa).


Our fashionably 2-hour late friends then showed up, so we joined them back on the beach to soak up more sun and pass around the football. It soon got chilly, so we all went our separate ways.


After grocery shopping, cooking salmon for dinner, and hanging out at home for a while, Nate and my friends, Jason and Dea came over where we enjoyed some wine (too much if you asked me this morning), 90’s music, and chats.

If only weekends never ended….or is that college?


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