The Bachelorette | Reaction to the Season Finale Pt. 1

30 Jul


SPOILER ALERT: I’m talking about part 1 of the season finale on 7.29.13

I’ve got to say that Brooks leaving so far into the game is really rude. he should have had this realization right when people were starting to tell Desiree that they love her, BEFORE they met the families. I knew there was a sense of immaturity about him just loving the idea of being loved the most on this show. He was too much like her ex with being uncommunicative and making her chase him.

Notice his feet not pointing at her!

At this point, I feel like Des should not have continued on with the show knowing that her heart already belonged to Brooks. Now it looks like everyone else is second choice and she is settling.

It seems like now that it is between Drew and Chris, Des has to decide if she wants to stay in LA and live with Drew (he obviously would move there to continue modeling), or move to Seattle with Chris. Considering that Des has made it very apparent that she is most attracted to Drew, and they seemed to be doing a lot more kissing, she might be leaning towards what fits more into her current lifestyle.


I think Drew is a great guy, but I personally would choose Chris for Desiree. Their communication through art is adorable, and it seems like she can be more goofy and herself around him. It would be nice for her to move to Seattle and have a different lifestyle with a new family that loves and supports her.


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