Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray Review

6 Aug


I received a mini version of the “Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray” in my Ipsy bag- or Glam bag (not sure what it is called these days- I know the YouTuber owners were fighting over the title or rights with each other, but I digress…) last month. My hair is naturally wavy-borderline curly, but I blow-dry it and straighten it almost every day. I’ve tried gels and other sea salt sprays to make my hair beachy, but they all either make it crunchy, frizzy, super curly, nothing amazing or truly “beachy”-looking.
I sprayed this in my wet hair last night, scrunched it in my fingers, and let it air dry. Once I was about to go to bed, I went over it a little with the hair dryer for a minute or so to finish the job.

ImageI was pleasantly surprised! It really made my hair look beachy! Not too much curl or frizz, but just enough to make it look good and natural after sleeping on it. The only weird thing it does is it makes the texture kind of dry-feeling. I’m not sure if that is from the salt. It’s interesting though because after I rinse it out in the shower, my hair is SUPER soft! I think that’s the “healthy soy renewal” part doing its magic!

Note in my picture that I’m experimenting with hair chalk! I will post about it soon 🙂


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