Weekend Getaway | Wine Tasting in Pismo Beach

6 Aug

Hi Everyone! This weekend, Nate and I went wine tasting in Pismo Beach in celebration of our one year anniversary (it was in June). We stopped by Joe’s Crab Shack in Ventura on the way up. We had never had old-school-crack-it-yourself crab before, so we ordered a coronita (margarita with corona), and got to business! It was a lot harder than we thought, and not as much food came out that we hoped for. Probably won’t order that again, but it was a fun experience!


When we got there, it was super overcast. We walked down on the boardwalk and had dinner and then went back to our hotel room and watched some of Breaking Bad season 5 because it just got released on Netflix and I need to catch up before next Sunday!

breaking bad

The next morning we had breakfast at this super cute place called Huckleberry’s, and it was like walking into the beginning of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland. It was so cute- swampy cabin themed with gator decor. We ended up hitting it up the next morning before we left too.

tolosaThis is Nate and I at our first stop, Tolosa Winery. It was great, we got to see a lot of the wine-making equipment. We were so fortunate that the sun was shining on that side of the hill.


One of our favorite stops was Sextant. It had a really cute shabby chic decor. Outside they had cute fountains, a treehouse, and bigass chickens wandering around. They had the  most amazing sandwiches for lunch! Nate had some Mediterranean thing, and I had a rotisserie chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread with brie and an olive aioli spread. They also provided us with brownies. I haven’t had a brownie on that level of rich heavenliness in a while. The only con about that place was those chickens! I’m afraid of birds…plus isn’t it weird to eat chicken in front of a live one?!


My favorite winery overall was Kynsi. Their wines are the ones who’s smell REALLY stuck out to me. It was like smelling roses and honeysuckle- I couldn’t get my nose out of the glass! Plus, you can’t see it in this picture, but facing away from the winery was a very pretty view of a valley of grape fields.


Another notable winery with a view was Wolff. They had a great tasting patio and a friendly labrador to greet us!

Our last stop was great because they had a boche ball court and picnic tables. We didn’t play,  but I could picture myself going back there to picnic, drink a bottle of wine, and play. The sunset was beautiful!! That night we met Nate’s grandparents (who live out there) for dinner, and then we were tuckered out!



One Response to “Weekend Getaway | Wine Tasting in Pismo Beach”

  1. Sean Breslin August 6, 2013 at 1:38 am #

    Wow…those are some beautiful scenes!


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