Strong Eyebrows

8 Aug

Lucy Hale Looks 7

Fuller eyebrows have been growing their way (get it 😉 ) back in style. This could come with some pros: less upkeep/time spent on them, not as many obvious, little stubborn hairs that refuse to be plucked, etc. The only real con is that it is hard to keep your eyebrows in place!! I feel like mine are always strayed up or out the shape.

clear mascara

I’ve heard that you can use clear mascara as a eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows in place. I think this is a great idea, but I have a cheaper and even more simpler one.


Yes! So simple, and yet no one thought of it! Get an old or designated toothbrush for your brows (unless you want to ingest toxins when you brush your teeth!), spray some hair spray on it, and brush your eyebrows! This could make them look more naturally in place and brushed than the clear mascara. You’re welcome!

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    […] Use it as an eyebrow brush! Here is a link to my old post about a trick to keeping your eyebrows in place with a toothbrush and hair […]

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