Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiere!

12 Aug

breaking bad

So yesterday I was able to catch up on the rest of Breaking Bad Season 5 before catching the premiere of season 6. First of all, if I had to watch the season 5 finale and wait a whole year to see what happens next I would go CRAZY! I would walk over to Bryan Cranston’s house (we used to be neighbors) and demand answers!

Anyways, so the premiere- so good! I wonder if Walt was speaking the truth or not when he said he had 6 months to live. Part of me has hope that he doesn’t die because in the flash forwards he has hair! If I was Hank, I would get an explanation from Walt and then just keep the secret. He is too obsessed with solving this mystery, his boss even told him to stop because they have enough of a solution. It would not be sketchy if he stops altogether and joins team Walt. We all know he’s too much of a hero for the greater good though…

I must say that I’m loving this new moral Jesse Pinkman! Who would have thought that his character would come around full circle and end up being the only one with a heart?!


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