Urban Outfitters Surplus Store in Sherman Oaks, CA

12 Aug


I made the best discovery this weekend!! I went to The Spitting Chicken with my friend, Blake, for happy hour, and afterwards we decided to walk down the street and check out the new Urban Outfitters store. We walked in and saw that it looked way emptier than a normal Urban…


A few seconds later we realized that EVERYTHING was on sale for dirt cheap! It must be really entertaining for the employees to watch the new customers come in and have that realization. After loading up my arms with at least 10 clothing items (that ended up only being $85 altogether- I KNOW!), I asked the cashier what the deal with this place was. Turns out the only other Urban Outfitters surplus store is in Chicago. All the sale items throughout the USA that don’t get sold get sent here and marked down even more! How cool is that?! I know you’re probably thinking that it’s all crappy stuff, but I promise you there’s PLENTY of gems worth the visit, and in all sizes! They even had sunglasses, shoes, and wallets!


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