The Things that Happen on the Road…

14 Aug


It’s midweek, and I feel like ranting! This week especially I have witness the most ridiculous things on the road during my commute that I’ve got to share. If you don’t live in Los Angeles and read this, please let me know if it happens where you live! Also feel free to comment with more crazy sightings.


The person who washes their windshield in gridlock traffic. Do they not know that the water ends up on MY car behind you? Are you going to pay for the car wash I had done last weekend that is now ruined??


The person that just won’t let you into their lane. I know you’ve seen me with my blinker on for the past two blocks. Rude.


The person that drives in the middle lane or (even better) the on the other side of the road just to get ahead of traffic. Umm who made you exempt from the law? You are not invisible, we all see you being an entitled ass.


The person who drives past the long line of cars to cut in front. Look dude, we all have somewhere to be. Unless you have a baby halfway out of your vagina or something, there’s no reason why you can’t be late like the rest of us.


The person who gets uncomfortably close in traffic. Those few inches really don’t make you get there any sooner. And if we’re on a hill, say goodbye to your front bumper when I take my foot off the brakes to hit the gas. (That is a result pic minus the traffic)


When you get stopped because someone in front of you has to make a turn (or it’s a bus) and the people behind you move to other lanes before you. Excuse me, sir. I was first in line, I should be able to move to the other lane first.


My grandma always said that courtesy is contagious, especially on the road.  Can’t we all just agree not to ruin everyone else’s commutes? No one likes to come in to the office or home from work angry.



2 Responses to “The Things that Happen on the Road…”

  1. maayuketa August 14, 2013 at 11:39 pm #

    hi, great blog. i just nominated u for a liebster award. click on the link to know what to do from here.

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