Ulta Haul

15 Aug


Does anyone else tend to online shop when they drink? It’s not a good habit. I am glad I did it this time though because A) I didn’t remember doing it and when my package arrived, it was like receiving a present, B) It was all products I need/ have been wanting to try, and C) I got really good deals & samples! Everything was under $10.00 each!


My first item is Freeman’s clay avocado and oatmeal mask. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft when I wash it off. It also has a sort of minty smell which is nice. My goal is to put this on once a week.


My next item is Palladio’s bronzer in “Caribbean Tan”. I haven’t used a bronzer since high school, and now that I work in an office all week I look like a ghost next to my summer-tanned friends! This one was great for my skin tone because it’s buildable and not orange. It looks like it might be shimmery, but it’s not. I still put highlighter on after!


My hair is extremely dry and heat-damaged. I get split ends within days of haircuts. I decided I need to start deep conditioning it regularly. I assume I chose this one (Topganic’s Hair Mask for dry and colored hair) because it was only $7.00. I put it on for 20 minutes and honestly did not notice a difference. I started using it every day for a few days, and now my hair is feeling softer. It could be that my hair was just THAT thirsty! I’d purchase it again.

ImageThe last item I got is Tresemme’s Platinum Strength heat protectant spray. I put it on after my shower and mousse, before I brush out and blow dry my hair. It definitely helps detangle my hair. It also has a nice smell. After my hair dried, I noticed that it looked a little shinier, and the texture felt like there was a coating over my hair to protect it. It did not look greasy, but it did FEEL different- course almost. What’s interesting is when I got in the shower later and got my head wet, I noticed that it felt a lot softer! It’s only like $5.00 and I’d definitely repurchase.


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