Getting Personal Today

19 Aug


  • My weekend was awesome! We celebrated Nate’s birthday by spending the day in Venice and then grilling and playing games later with all our friends
  • My cousin got engaged! He found the female version of himself
  • Breaking Bad!!! I’m so addicted to this show. I can’t believe Hank knows!
  • New friends. Nate kept in touch with someone from his band days and now he and his girlfriend moved to town. We had dinner together last night, and we all have a bunch in common
  • New potential work opportunities. Gives me hope that I can work if I go to grad school
  • Benihanna tonight! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a delicious asian restaurant where they cook the food in front of you and do a lot of cool tricks. I love the perks of my boyfriend having a


  • My cat, Milo had a seizure last week. Thank god it only happened once
  • Won’t see my mom for a few weeks. I’m such a
  • I’m so tired and addicted to caffeine it’s taking a toll on my body.
  • No time to work out and I feel like I’m gaining weight!! ahhh

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