Coconut Oil: The Best Universal Product

21 Aug


I’ve been noticing lately that there are so many uses for coconut oil! It is less than $10 at any grocery store (I use Trader Joes‘), natural, and obviously it smells amazing! Here are some ways you can use up the whole jar!

Moisturizer/Massage Oil– It even has a natural SPF 4! There are recipes out on the interwebs for lotion bars as well, if you like Lush‘s massage bars! It also can prevent stretch marks and hide vericose veins, lessen arthritis pain, heal sunburns, and soothe any itching from chickenpox/poison ivy, etc.!

Eye Makeup Remover– Works just like Vaseline does πŸ™‚

ChapstickRemember it has SPF too! I put it in an empty balm pot.

Body Scrub– Just mix with equal parts of sugar and use in the shower!

Deep Conditioner– Leave onΒ  your hair for 20 mins and it’s just like all that expensive stuff, but natural! It can also help stimulate hair growth if massaged into the scalp.

Deodorant– By itself, it is a natural deodorant. I haven’t tried it, but hey, someone will!

A Replacement for Vegetable Oil in Any Recipe– This can help with digestion, infections, allergies, improve sleep, boost your energy, hormone production, and metabolism… basically it’s all good stuff.

Anti-Frizz Balm– Just a tiny dab on your palms before running over your hair will do the trick

Cure a Yeast Infection– Soak a tampon in it and then stick it up there for a few hours! Voila.

Tea Additive– Mix it into your tea for a daily dose of healthy oils. It can also soothe sore throats!



4 Responses to “Coconut Oil: The Best Universal Product”

  1. Lissa Coffey September 9, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    good tips! Mix in baking soda and cornstarch for deodorant. Baking soda takes care of odors and cornstarch helps keep you dry πŸ™‚

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