What’s Everybody Doing This Weekend?

23 Aug

I’m sitting here at work while practically the rest of the whole office is having their last summer Friday. I don’t mind it so much because I get to catch up on all the magazines I didn’t get to snatch from the fashion department all week 😛

Did anyone see the picture of baby North West?! I wasn’t sure how she would look, but she’s quite cute! I wish I could watch Kanye‘s interview on the Kris show today, but I have to at least PRETEND that I’m working lol

I feel like this weekend is going to go by very fast. Last weekend was Nate‘s birthday festivities, so this weekend I plan on fully relaxing or what we like to call “ballsacking”.

Tomorrow, Nate is going to the Dodger game, which gives me the opportunity to go to the mall. I desperately need to get a new handbag! The one I currently have I bought out of desperation when I was unemployed, and I haven’t been able to find a winner since. I’m thinking about changing up the style I use. Maybe a  cross-body bag? I just take after my grandma and love to carry EVERYTHING in my purse.  *Sigh*. So hopefully I can find one! I also plan on stopping by Sephora and seeing if there are any goodies I can treat myself to 🙂

Sunday, I plan on sitting by the pool and working on my tan that disappeared. At night, I’m finally (it literally just opened on Monday, but it’s one of my favorite food places) going to check out the new Buffalo Wild Wings that opened up down the street at the Sherman Oaks Galleria! My friends who I haven’t seen in forever, Megan and Jon, are going to come with me. We used to go to the Burbank one all the time together, so we decided to go to this one for the first time together. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to see them or have wings! I hate how when you start working, you don’t have the time or energy to see your best friends 😦

What are you guys all up to this weekend?? Stay safe!





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