Forever 21 + Sephora + Lush Haul

26 Aug

I warned you guys that I was going to the mall… and I went a little crazy!!

tigerThis tiger sweater was the first thing that caught my eye when I went into Forever 21. It’s thick and soft which will be great for Fall!- or any day in my office.. I love all cats!!


Guess how much this gray blazer was? $15!! It did not feel like $15 when I held it and put it on! The sleeves can also roll down 😉

braceletI found this cool cuff bracelet for like $5. It could make any outfit edgier I’m sure.

ringThen I found this ring for like $2. I’m obsessed with bows, so naturally I had to have it!

purseYes, I finally found a new purse!! I didn’t even look at Macy’s because this was perfect! It changes up my usual over-sized purse style and looks super classy for work! Only $30 at Forever 21! I originally wanted a brand name bag, but after realizing that I was going to spend much more money at the mall, I decided that this was good enough!

purse strapNote that the handles are super comfy!

purseinsideAnd there is more room on the inside than you would think! All my stuff fits in it! Plus the pockets keep things organized 🙂

sharpenerNext stop was Sephora. I had to pick up their pencil sharpener because their eye pencils don’t fit in my other one. Guess what?! They got stuck in this one too! Shenanigans!!!!

brushbristlebrush handleSince I am now using liquid foundation, I decided to pick up this foundation brush. The bristles are really soft! I liked that it came with a reusable cap. Not sure if I prefer my hands to application though…

cleanerI’ve seen beauty gurus on YouTube talk about having a daily brush cleaner, and I thought it would be good to have for my liquid foundation brush at least, and then use it on my other brushes every so often. I probably don’t clean my brushes nearly as much as I should… I tried this one out. It’s the Sephora brand one in the small size. Only $6. It works really well!! All the makeup wiped off the brush easily.

concealerfoundationI needed to stock up on my Bare Minerals. I get the concealer in “Summer Bisque” and the foundation in “Medium Beige”.

geo phyzzMy last stop was Lush. I was buying my friend birthday presents and naturally wanted something from myself. Who can pass up Lush?! Since I have a new love for salt baths, I decided to buy their sea salt bath bomb called Geo Phyzz. It has a hint of pine in it which will be relaxing!

Thanks for checking out my haul! More posts from this trip to the mall coming soon.




3 Responses to “Forever 21 + Sephora + Lush Haul”

  1. Sam August 26, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

    Oi. I love bareMinerals 🙂 I have a purse from Forever 21 that I have used for forever. It’s so awesome, and it was only like $28. So worth it! Forever 21 is my favorite store.

  2. pearlsnheels August 27, 2013 at 7:11 am #

    Great post! I love the black purse 🙂


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