How to Cure the Tuesday Blues-days

27 Aug


Wednesday- Hump Day! Halfway through!

Thursday- Tomorrow is Friday!

Friday- Woo, we made it! Party tonight, sleep in tomorrow!

Saturday- Sleep in, stay up late, do whatever you want all day!

Sunday- Sleep in, do whatever you want all day!

Monday- Ok, the week has to start somewhere

Tuesday-….???? Ugh…..

We all hate Tuesdays. There’s nothing special about them! Here’s how I cope:

  • Treat yourself! Make Tuesday taco night, wine night, game night, pamper night, date night- something special for you! This way you have something to look forward to during the day, which makes it go by faster.
  • I try to make a special playlist the day before so that I have something to keep me happy work. I also only allow myself to listen to talk shows or YouTubes on Tuesdays (and Thursdays hehe) which also keeps me truckin!
  • I usually bring my lunch to work, but sometimes when I’m really hating Tuesdays, it’s the day I go down to the cafe to get lunch. Treat yoself!
  • Make plans for the weekend! Get something to look forward to!
  • Wear your fancy perfume,  a dress, or even something more comfy- whatever makes you feel good! I usually say since it’s freakin Tuesday, I’m wearing leggings and putting my hair up for work! Some people feel better when they are more dressed up.

I hope this helped you or gave you some ideas to brighten this icky day!



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