Megan’s Birthday Present

28 Aug

As you may know, I went to the mall last weekend. The main reason was to get my best friend, Megan a birthday present! This is what I got her:

kissthegirlI stopped in Sephora. Just like me, Megan is a makeup junkie. I found the PERFECT thing for her. She’s been looking for a new signature fragrance lately because her favorite perfume got discontinued. I saw that there is a new Disney‘s Princess Ariel line for adult women! This is perfect because Megan is one of those people that go to Disneyland way more than anyone in their 20’s should, and Ariel is her favorite character!! I don’t usually recommend buying someone something as personal as perfume, but I actually thought Megan might like the scent as I’ve been shopping with her for fragrances before. Even if she wanted to return it (which I told her she absolutely could), it was worth it enough to show her that this new line came out!The scent is called “Kiss The Girl“- isn’t that cute?! The scent contains Bergamot, Wet Cucumber, Ozonic Accord, Water Notes, Wild Lilac, Starfruit, White Musk, Sandalwood, Ambergris.

lashesMegan and I have always loved mascara and eyelashes! She actually taught me how to apply them when we did photo shoots together. I saw these at Forever 21, and thought they were funky. She’d look great with them on at parties. If you haven’t tried Forever 21’s false eyelashes, I highly recommend!! Cheaper and just as good as the others!

big blueMy next stop was Lush. Megan loves taking baths. As you might recall in one of my recent posts, I picked up a bath bomb for myself to try since I am getting into that world. Megan loves the beach, so I figured what better than getting her Big Blue? Big Blue has lavender and lemon oils to soothe and relax you, and tons of other healthy minerals including sea weed to rid your body of toxins and make you feel beachy. SO up Megan’s hippie-beach alley 🙂


Lastly, I picked her up The Enchanter bath bomb. I was super drawn to the smell. It smelt to me like one of those yummy summer fruity cocktails. I know Megan loves those, so how could I not get it?! The scent is supposed to raise your spirits and make you smile while clearing your mind with it’s lime and neroli oil. What I thought was super cool was that it’s supposed to look like a tie-dye sunset in your bathtub! Fun!! (Also hippie-ish!)


3 Responses to “Megan’s Birthday Present”

  1. danabuchmiller August 28, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    I may just have to try Kiss the Girl, to see if I like it. It sounds lovely.

    • emmajaegle August 28, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

      It is! The only complaint I’ve heard about it so far from people is that it doesn’t have much staying power. I’m one of those people that use roller balls on the go anyways though!

  2. theoxfordowl August 29, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    Oh, I’m so jealous that you can get the Ariel collection – times like this I wish I didn’t live in England!

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