TAG | Most Worn Things

5 Sep

1) Most worn nail polish


Ok guys, I fell into the Essie trap! No other polish really compares. (Although I’m dying to try that Barry M. gelly polish). It dries smoothly and quickly, it keeps well, it’s bright, ah everything about it is lovely to me. My current favorite shades are Boxer Shorts, Sunday Funday, and Bikini So Teeny.
2) Most worn hair product


Tresseme’s Platinum Strength heat protectant spray. I put it on every night before I blow dry my hair.
3) Most worn bag


This is the one I just bought a few weeks ago from Forever 21. I love that it’s versatile for day and night. $30!
4) Most worn shoes


I have these from Cathy Jean in nude (they’re much cuter in nude but I can’t find a picture online) and wear the almost  every day to work. I got them for $30, but they’re on sale for $18 now!
5) Most worn accessories

Tiffany Rings 28ring

I’ve been wearing my Return to Tiffany’s ring every day since I was 18. I swear something bad always happens when I don’t wear it!! Lately I’ve also been wearing this cute bow ring that I got from Forever 21 for like $2. So far it’s still silver! I also wear plain crystal stud earrings in my double piercings, and a silver hoop in my cartilage that I never take out- is that gross? lol
6) Most worn clothing item

bbvdream angels

Um duh my bras! I have the Victoria’s Secret Body By Victoria bra in nude, and the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels bra in black. I wear one of them every day! I really couldn’t choose any clothes because I currently have a pretty steady rotation and haven’t been playing favorites.
7) Most worn foundation



Bare Minerals in Medium Beige. I’ve had it since I was 12 and I wear it every day either by itself or on top of liquid foundation. I use liquid foundation about twice a week. When I wear it, it’s almost always CoverGirl‘s 3 in 1.
8) Most worn blush and/or bronzer


Bare Minerals’ blush in Hint. It’s the perfect year round color. I love that it’s so buildiable. I always come back to it when I try other things.
9) Most worn lip product


REVLON LIP BUTTER!!! I love how non sticky and moisturizing it is. Some colors are buildable while others are more of a tinted balm, but I use them too for different occasions! I also like how it subtly wears off and doesn’t flake or get spotty like other lipsticks. I currently rotate between 4 or 5 colors.
10) Most worn mascara


This is my current winning combination of mascara. First I put a few coats of Benefit’s They’re Real on, then I add Maybelline’s Falsies for extra drama. It really makes my eyes pop!
11) Most worn eyeshadow


NYX’s Loose Pearl eyeshadow in Nude. I use it as a base for all of my eyeshadows and a highlighter on the rest of my face. I love how dewy and awake it makes me look!


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