Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

12 Sep


I’ll admit it…I’m a beauty junkie who has never tried a true BB cream until today. I know, I know. I’m punishing myself more than you are, trust me.

I think that my CoverGirl 3 in 1 is the most similar to BB cream while still being a full-coverage foundation, but this is certainly more magical.

First off, it smells amazing!!! It definitely matches the “fresh” part of the name. I’m surprised the smell stuck around for a few hours too. I think this is the smell they tried to mask their tanner with, but failed because fake tan smell is so ruthless.

I liked that when I applied it, it seemed to be more than just a tinted moisturizer because it seemed to do a pretty good job concealing stuff. I barely needed to apply any concealer afterwards. Also, I liked how much simpler it was to have the correct shade. There’s only like 3 options. I chose light to medium- nailed it!

The first few hours I was a little unsure. Sure, it was a tinted moisturizer. But it really made my skin feel…well, moist. I felt like I couldn’t rub up on anything or hug anyone until it dried. Maybe I put too much on…

Once it was dry, I knew I liked it. My face looks so natural compared to when I put regular liquid foundation on. I loved how it gave my complexion that “fresh effect”.

I will definitely use this more often than liquid foundation. It’s easier to apply and looks more natural for an effortless look. Don’t get me wrong though, I still like to look dolled up sometimes!




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