Breaking Bad | S5E14

17 Sep



I’ve been meaning to talk about the last episode of Breaking Bad, but I’ve honestly been so speechless. Hank is dead, and I’m not sure if I’m that sad about it because his intentions have become more selfish rather than just. I really hope that Jesse ends up surviving. That kid has been through way too much. And then when Walt threw some salt in his wounds and told him that he watched Jane die and didn’t save her…


I’ve noticed that slowly is coming back full circle to his original character. He certainly cracked when Hank got killed. My bf, Nate, had a theory that since Walt is convinced that Jesse has to die to protect him and his family, he might have decided to tell him about Jane so that he can die officially knowing everything.

I felt a little bad when Walt found out about Skyler telling Jr. everything. It’s as if they could have safely flee-ed and restarted their life with everything in the past. Freakin’ Marie had to get into Skyler’s head and mess everything up.


Though Walt taking baby Holly was completely uncalled for, the fact that he gave her back (indirectly) showed that he truly did care about his family and their wants/needs. He heard baby Holly want her mama. This also supports my theory that he’s becoming the “good guy” again.

There are supposed to be two more episodes left in the entire series, but I honestly don’t know what else they could say in that long. Obviously Walter flees and leaves the family who wants nothing to do with him. At least I can predict one thing about these last two episodes- there will definitely be closure! (Please)


One Response to “Breaking Bad | S5E14”

  1. Spencer Hensel September 17, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    I agree about Hank. And I also hope Jesse gets through this alive.

    I originally thought Walt was losing his mind, but under closer inspection, I think he’s a bit more in control than we think. Hard to say though. Let’s see what happens in the last two episodes!

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