In’s & Out’s

19 Sep


  • The Pact” by Jodi Picoult. It was such a great read! I’m so sad that I finished it. That’s how it is when you occupy so much of your time reading a good book and then it’s over…it’s like “what do I do now?”
  • Never thought I’d say this, but the catholic school community. They really do try to help you out, and it’s almost like being in a sorority where it’s like “Oh what school did you go to? Nice, I like you even more now.”
  • My creativity..I’m thinking of a lot of crafty ideas and wish I had time to do them all! Also..
  • Target now can print out Instagram photos. Just bring your phone into the store. Score! Scrap-booking soon.
  • BB Cream
  • Fall stuff!!! It’s in the air 🙂
  • BREAKING BAD!!!!!!!


  • Working 10+ hours a day with no breaks
  • Now that it’s (almost) Fall, I drive home in the dark. I hate that. I feel like I wasted a whole day.
  • Dieting! I for sure gained that happy relationship comfort weight. Ever since my doctor appointment earlier this week when I was actually faced with a number, I decided this is it, I need to be stricter on myself! I’m trying to go to the gym at least every other day. It’s so hard when I’m already exhausted from work.

One Response to “In’s & Out’s”

  1. girlychristina September 19, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

    I really like your In’s and Out’s list. Breaking Bad! AMAZING. I didn’t know about Target being able to print out Instagram photos, that’s so cool! =)

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