Lush & Bath and Body Works Haul

24 Sep

I’ve been avoiding the mall at all costs. I know if I go there, I’d go crazy getting fall stuff!! On Sunday, I justified my trip to needing candles (the last summer one finally died) and bath bombs- and I had to cover the sides of my eyes like horse blinders while traveling through the mall to those stores! Of course when I got into Lush, I couldn’t control myself and ended up getting four bath bombs. The good news is that all together they were only $20.

geo phyzzFirst I picked up Geofizz, the one that I got last time. It has volcanic salt in it and it’s supposed to help with sore muscles which I definitely need now that I go to the gym more!

butterballThis one is Butterball. I had to get it because I fell in love with the vanilla custard scent. it’s supposed to nourish and moisturize your skin. Though it does not have salt in it, I plan on adding regular epson salt to the bath.

ickly baby botThis one is supposed to be for kids who have trouble getting to sleep, but the employee there convinced me that she uses it, so I gave in and put it in my basket. It’s called Ickle Baby Bot. It has chamonmile, lavendar, and vanilla. All that good stuff that helps you sleep 🙂 I also plan on adding epson salt to this.

pinkI really wanted to try a fun one that changes the color of the water and has stuff floating around, so I got Pink. It smells like sweet flowers- not too strong though. I was surprisingly drawn to it! It’s supposed to make you feel like Audrey Hepburn or a princess. If I add epson salt to it, it’ll be a treat of a bath!

Then I headed to Bath and Body Works. I justified this trip by making sure that there was a 2 for $22 candle sale. Score! All of the pumpkin flavors were really overwhelming. How can I be sure that I chose the best one for my nose when they all end up smelling similar in comparison?! I decided to choose one sweet and one “fall-y”.

pumpkin cupcake

This one is the best selling one. It smells like pumpkin bread is baking! Nate and I burned it for a few hours and it filled up the whole apartment- great scent throw. It really got us in the autumn spirit.

pumpkin hayrideThis next one I haven’t lit yet, but it smells like fall. It smells like you’re walking through a pumpkin patch with the hay, and someone is baking something with the smell drifting out the window at the same time. It will definitely be a great fall scent to burn these next few months.


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