Breaking Bad Season Finale Theory

26 Sep



I don’t think I can express my sadness with this show ending. I’ve got to say, I love that they  know what they are doing by telling the story and not trying to buy as many seasons as they can get. This way we will be left wanting more! Whatever will I do without my Sunday night show though?! I’m going to end up crocheting pieces inspired by the characters or something obsessive, I know it…I must admit, Hanks death depressed me, so the show would not be the same if it carried on.

My theory for the finale is that Skyler is going to die. There are theories that Walt takes on traits of his victims that he kills- He started eating his sandwiches crustless after the first guy he killed, he started drinking his whiskey like Mike did, he starts being ok with kids dying like those rival drug dealers that used the kid on the bike to deal, when Todd killed the kid in the desert Walt kept the tarantula (because he was responsible), etc.- there’s countless little things that Walt experiences or takes on after his victims die. I think there was something to do with a fly after he watched Jane die, but anyways… the fact that there was a flash forward to Walt alone in a diner on his 52nd birthday and he makes a “52” with his bacon, can show that A) he just misses Skyler and his kids, or B) Skyler dies and he takes on her trait of doing that. He goes back into the house to get the ricin…. is it for her?!?!  If she does die, do the kids go live with Marie?….or Walt? At this point, I don’t think Jr. would allow Holly or him to go back to Walt no matter how much he proves that he is back to his old self. Since he was alone in the diner, I suspect things will not play out in his favor. Poor guy….but then again he did it to himself.

My Wonderings for the finale:

-Will Walt die from cancer or will it say that he beats it?! After all, that’s what started the show in the first place. We need closure here!

-Will there be an alluding to the spin-off show?

-Will Jesse survive?!?!?! I honestly think if he doesn’t end up taking care of Brock, he might just kill himself. His life got messed up to the point of no return, Brock is the only thing that would keep him going. I think it showed earlier that his grandma was involved in  his life though…which makes me worry about Jesse’s series ending!

Let me know your thoughts and theories! I love this stuff.



3 Responses to “Breaking Bad Season Finale Theory”

  1. girlychristina September 26, 2013 at 11:44 pm #

    I love Breaking Bad, too! I’m so glad to be able to dish about the finale with someone. =) That’s interesting about Walt gaining traits of the the people he kills…perhaps that was part of why he called the DEA directly and wanted to give himself up-basically what Hank would have done.

    I’m not sure about Skyler, though. Do you think Saul is going to be in the last episode somehow??

    I’m praying that Jesse lives on with Brock! I’ve just about had it with Vince Gilligan giving him such a horrible story, poor guy!! =( I really didn’t see them killing Andrea =( Ugh!! I just wanted to hug Jesse after that scene. I’m currently watching it marathon style on Netflix, and Jesse has not had a great life. He was such a junkie that didn’t have any family, or any hobbies besides cooking.

    I have to admit that I’m still rooting for Walt. I know, I know, say what you will! LOL! my whole family wants him dead. I just want to see him get away with this crazy story that started out of desperation and overall bad luck. =)

    • emmajaegle September 27, 2013 at 1:51 am #

      Interesting idea about Walt turning himself in! Especially since it’s right after Jr. said he killed uncle Hank.
      If Saul is in the finale, it’d definitely allude to his spin-off which would be interesting!!
      My heart goes out to both Jesse and Walt. I wish Walt’s family would take Jesse and Brock in and then Skyler will see that Walt is a good guy after all and fall in love again and they all live happily ever after! lol something tells me it’s not going to go down that way though…

      • girlychristina September 27, 2013 at 4:30 am #

        I love your ending!! =)
        I just don’t want it to be all Shakespeare-like and have me in tears forever! =(

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