Little Update | Random

7 Oct

I decided I’m going to catch you up a bit on what I’ve been up to in my free time…

First of all, my bed BROKE. The past few weeks, on Nate’s side of the bed have been making loud noises followed by the bed going down another notch as each beam snaps. It’s been quite horrifying to poor little Milo. He no longer goes under the bed anymore. I kind of prefer him retreating to the closet because now I can grab him whenever I want without shoving him out with a swifter. I don’t blame him for being afraid of under the bed- it looked pretty hilarious with one side completely on the floor and the other propped up normally. I slept on the higher side of the bed and it was not very comfortable for my back. I also found myself rolling down the hill onto Nate’s territory and scooting back up throughout the night. ANYWAYS, so with that background, this weekend I finally got Nate to give in and get a new bed frame with me. We decided on getting one of those basic boring ones that usually come with the bed when you buy it. I actually really like the height it has added on the bed, and without the old bed frame we have a bunch of extra space to move about our room surprisingly. We’re thinking about buying a wall decal from Target or something to take place of the blank wall space where the headboard used to be. Here’s a picture of Nate putting together the new bed frame. Isn’t he cute trying to be handy?!

bed frame

I’ve been a little quiet after my skull post about what I’ve been working on in the crochet world! I wanted to make a granny square blanket, but then thought one big granny square blanket looks a little cooler. So this is what it looks like halfway done.  It is way easier than I thought! It’s such a perfect square. The colors work together beautifully too. The only thing is the it tends to pucker towards the middle in a mound form. Not sure how to prevent that in the future. Maybe just wash it and stretch it out to smooth it? Milo especially loves laying on it. I might have to gift it to someone instead of sell it in case someone could be allergic. By the way, do you notice how especially CLEAN and FLUFFY he looks?! He got his first full-on bath this weekend! Hated it until he was completely dry and then he knew he looked fab and flaunted it.

granny squareLastly my mom has been in Cabo, so I have no been able to get my mail for about a month since I haven’t been able to see her for various reasons before that. Last night I finally got to go over there and have one of her delicious homemade meals and finally get my mail!! This little gem was a pleasant surprise as I had almost forgotten that I had ordered it. Isn’t it amazing?! It’s like a subtle homage to my love for Harry Potter. I love it so much. It’s a one-stop shop to a candied arm! I got it from Ashley Bridget. A picture of it appeared on my Facebook newsfeed and I knew that I had to have it! Once I checked out the full website, I saw that  they have a lot of cute stuff!! It’s pretty expensive, but there is always a 40% coupon code out there! I got my bracelet for $25 after being marked as $60 or something..

HP Bracelet


One Response to “Little Update | Random”

  1. Jeyna Grace October 8, 2013 at 4:14 am #

    I have the same bracelet, just slightly different. But, I got it at $1.50. It was a pretty good deal 🙂

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