Forever 21 Haul | Workout & Sleep

8 Oct

I treated myself over the weekend and found some new workout bottoms and sleepwear at Forever 21. Of course when I see cute socks, I can’t resist either 🙂


Fitting because I love cats and naps


Loved the Meow! Plus it’s starting to get cold at night and that kind of pant looks like it won’t creep up in the night.


I got two pairs of these fold-over shorts. Only $6.50 each! I got one with a pink band, and one with a white one. (color pics not online)


I got a long form of the fold-over workout shorts (leggings). This one I got with a white fold-over band. My walk to the gym is going to get pretty chilly as winter approaches, so I decided to start racking up the longer athletic wear.


These socks looked fitting for the approaching seasons. Only a few bucks!


How could I not get these?! I kind of like that they are a little longer so I can cover my ankles when I wear leggings with boots.


Too cute for me to handle! Needed them on my feet ASAP.


One Response to “Forever 21 Haul | Workout & Sleep”

  1. fashionfollowsher October 8, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    My sentiments exactly!! I love a good cat nap….

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