TAG | Fall In Love

10 Oct


nails2 Cozy Sweater

What fall trend are you most excited for? Cozy sweaters and dark nails


What is your favorite fall beauty product? Dark red/ plum lipstick. Haven’t gotten any yet this year!


What is your favorite fall drink? Chai tea latte’s and hot cider 🙂

pumpkin cupcake

What is your favorite fall fragrance? I don’t have a fall perfume, but I love the smell of my pumkpink cupcake candle! 


What is a fall trend that you hate? Don’t really hate any this year. Some of the drop crotch pants are annoying, but it depends on how it fits the person. 


What is your Halloween costume this year? I don’t know yet! I want to play with makeup for it though.. 

What is your favorite fall song? Leaves- Ballerina Black


What is your favorite Halloween candy? I’ve been digging Reese’s lately, but I’ll always love my caramel apple lollipops!


One Response to “TAG | Fall In Love”

  1. nattohokine15 October 12, 2013 at 3:11 am #

    I just had the I Love Autumn and Winter tag and it was so much fun! This is pretty much the same as that tag, and I also love chai lattes and dark lipstick. I’m loving your blog by the way!

    ❤ Your New Follower, Naa


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