Set Up to Fail

15 Oct

Lately I’ve been feeling like my generation is set up to fail. We are required to have a college degree for most jobs, which (thanks to the baby boomers) we have to take out loans for. We are then college graduates, in debt, with no jobs. If you  live where I do, rent costs most- if not all of your paycheck. Unless your parents want you to take advantage of them for years to come, you won’t be allowed to come back home. Jobs in general these days get away with paying you the bare minimum because they know you’re desperate for a job. You end up commuting far to work in order to keep your cheaper living situation, yet gas prices are rising. It’s almost impossible to succeed. How on earth are we supposed to have extra money to save if we don’t even get enough to pay for insurance? The cost of living is only increasing. How will I ever be able to afford a house? How will I ever be able to afford to have children? I know the answer is that you just do it and it all works out, but I feel like it’s that kind of thinking that got our country in this predicament in the first place….It’s all a crazy cycle that goes deeper by the generation.



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