My Happiness Progress

17 Oct


Happiness is a journey, not a destination. However, the journey becomes way more beautiful with the progress you make. I’m proud to say that my path is rather scenic these days. I know good things are on the horizon and I am content in all of my relationships and surroundings. Since happiness is a choice, you constantly have to work on it. I recently decided to take on the responsibility of organizing this year’s family Secret Santa exchange. It is a big step for me considering the last few years I’ve been black-out drunk and completely obnoxious. I decided that this year I’m going make sure that I am coherent by giving myself a responsibility so that I can create happy memories. As many of yours are I’m sure, my family is such a mixture of interests, beliefs, and personalities that it is exhausting to endure an event. Me being a more outspoken person makes me a target for judgements and criticism- things that do not mix well with my sensitive soul. This year I am hoping that I will be less of a sideshow and more of an example of the light we should all follow instead of the negative darkness we tend to ooze around each other.


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