My New Shoes | Asics GT-2000

21 Oct


I finally got new gym shoes!! I know they aren’t as cute or trendy as what’s out there with Nike these days, but these shoes are MAGICAL! First, I went to this store that used to be called Phidipidies (spelling?), but not it is called Free Fly. They are so helpful there! They like to hold your feet and watch you walk and run barefoot before deciding exactly what you need. I found out that my foot is narrow and I need inserts for my high arches along with this special shoe, the Asics GT-2000. I swear I can walk all over Disneyland with this shoe and my feet will feel perfectly fine. At the gym, I noticed that I have a lot more energy. This is probably because my feat don’t have to work as hard in unsupportive shoes. My knees are also giving me less problems. COINCIDENCE? Never underestimate the power of a good shoe. I’m always going to consider this a good investment for my body 🙂 PS: It makes my feet look super tiny and cute!


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