Conditioner Tips

28 Oct

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years with conditioner. It really helps your hair!


1. Condition the ends of your hair before you shampoo! This will provide a protecting layer so that they won’t dry out. (It’s really the hair closest to your scalp- hate that word- that needs to be shampooed).


2. Put your conditioner in while you shave your legs and wash/ exfoliate your face. This helps keep it in longer to get more nourishment in and saves time while multitasking!


3. Who has time to deep condition their hair every week?! I started my own little trick of putting it in my hair, and throwing it in a bun before I go to the gym. Then when you get home and shower, your hair is magically silky! Just make sure that you don’t have soaking, dripping hair when you put it in or else it’ll all run down your face when you work out and sweat. Tip: I only dampen the bottom half of my hair and brush the conditioner through with my fingers. You don’t really need to saturate your hair with it if you do it regularly!


4. Have you noticed in fine print on your shave gel that it could contain cancer-causing chemicals?? Being the hypochondriac that I am, I was freaked out! Guess what? Conditioner is not only safe, but better for your legs! I started shaving with conditioner and my legs feel even softer than with the gel! If you’re looking for other shaving alternatives, coconut oil works just as well as conditioner too đŸ˜‰


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