Fashion/Beauty Items I Can’t Live Without!

28 Oct

Here is a list of fashion and beauty items that are necessities to my life!

  • Concealer– This makes me look like a healthy, alive human being.
  • Blush– This, once again, makes me look like a healthy living human. Also accentuates my fierce cheekbones
  • Mascara– This helps me look awake and shows off my natural lash length.
  • Vaseline– This is one of those magic products that can do anything from heal dry skin and blisters, remove makeup, and the obvious lip gloss
  • A black leather purse– It goes with anything and is classic
  • A black clutch/ long strap evening bag– Definitely comes in handy for going out and black is timeless!
  • A leopard scarf– It adds a classy pop to any outfit!
  • Leather Boots (tall and short)– Perfect for fall and goes with all outfits 🙂
  • Black Blazer– This makes any look 10x more professional! It can dress up any outfit, and shows off your silhouette
  • Dark Jeans– This is needed for nighttime outings!
  • LBD(little black dress)– You never know when you need it and it will always come in handy!
  • Cocktail ring– This adds the perfect little pop to your hand
  • Statement Necklace– It could be the missing piece to the perfect look 🙂
  • Chunky bracelet– Sometimes your arms need more attention than your chest or hands!
  • Long, delicate necklace– This also adds some spark to dresses or plain shirts
  • Black and/or Nude flats– Sometimes sandals are too casual, and heels are too fancy
  • Thongs– panty-line saver!
  • Push-Up Bra– I’m a small-chested girl and these babies help me fill out my clothes nicely. It’s also good to have perky-looking boobs when  you are in your 20’s lol
  • Strapless Bras (black and nude)– You need a black one because sometimes it will peek through and black is the most classic color for that. A nude one saves you from see-through tops!
  • Hair Ties– A necessity for top knots. Also, your beautiful, natural flowing hair has its off days!

3 Responses to “Fashion/Beauty Items I Can’t Live Without!”

  1. girlychristina October 28, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

    Great list! I also don’t feel alive or human without some blush on my cheeks! =)

  2. smoulderingviolet October 28, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    Agreed! Although I have to add HD powder to that list. I have some surgical scars and I picked at my pimples when I was a teen and HD powder blurs them out enough that you can’t see them unless you’re looking!


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