October Favorites

29 Oct

I haven’t really been shopping much this month, but here are my favorites for all categories:


My new Asics running shoes, duh!


I got this Chella “Lace Ivory” eyeliner in my Ipsy bag this month, and it really brightens up my eyes, even if it is under my black eyeliner.


Covergirl LiPerfection in “Entwined”. It’s a perfect purple/magenta/wine color for this time of year. I like that I can build it up darker for nighttime. It’s nearly as soft as Revlon’s Lip Butter and I like that too.


Before this came in my Ipsy bag, I had given up on trying to fill in my eyebrows. My eyebrows haven’t been the same since I went on a plucking rampage in 7th grade. Now when I attempt to fill in the stubborn holes, I always end up looking like a caveman. This pencil gives me a great natural fill. I use my eyebrow brush to go over it when I’m done and it looks perfect!


Halloween Festivities!!! A few weeks ago, I decorated cookies (a lifetime tradition) with my mom and Nate (his first time). They came out a little silly looking, but we had fun and they tasted great. I already mentioned my pumpkin Gunther and how much fun I had carving him in my last post…also I have some Halloween decorations in my apartment now! I got super cute purple, orange, and green glittery spider lights, and then a little black glitter owl on a white pumpkin that says “Spooky”- super cute and classy. I also aquired a 69-cent bumpy squash at Trader Joe’s to add to the Fall vibe.

What have you guys been loving this month? Give me inspiration to shop!! 😀




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