I’m Back! Ins & Outs

15 Nov

Hello World,

Fret no more, I am alive and well! I have been getting into a new routine with a new job and needed to take some time away from the Sparkle and Wine world. But I am back now, and will be posting new content soon. I have tons to share: new fashion/beauty finds, adventures, anecdotes, ponderings, you know that stuff! Here’s an updated “ins and outs” to catch you up a bit:


  • My friends! I had an amazing veteran’s day weekend catching up with most of them and it is so nice to talk about happy, fun things for a change
  • Milo, always ❤ Such a good boy
  • Sound sleep. I’m getting much better quality of sleep lately- no screaming, no thrashing, no talking, happy dreams, etc.
  • Mom’s frozen leftovers- they help Nate and I out so much! It’s much healthier and delicious for us.
  • Goldfish, my all-time favorite snack
  • My family’s secret santa game! Reminder: I am the moderator. With all of these clues everyone is giving out, everyone has no idea who has them! hehehe


  • Sepulveda/405 traffic

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