My First Hot Yoga Class

18 Nov


Last night my friend, Emma (not me, her name is also Emma!), took me to a hot yoga class at Core Power Yoga in Studio City. I already felt the heat seeping from the classroom as I stepped into the lobby and I knew I was about to have the sweat of my life. I was a little scared. I tend to be on the dehydrated side in my day-to-day life, but I was excited to lose all the calories without cardio for a change. The lobby and locker room were so fabulous, it was like being at a spa! They even had tampons in jars on the counter. For the prices of the classes, they definitely make it accommodating.

The class itself was not as tiresome as a pilates class. I’ve done yoga tapes at home before, but this was my first live yoga class. If I was an absolute beginner with no idea what each position was called, I would be totally lost as the instructor does not do the positions along with you, but rather walks around saying the instructions with motivations. The experienced yogis were in the front of the class, so I mostly followed whatever they did. I liked how it was more meditative and stretchy than repetitive torture to your booty and tummy. I noticed that I was more flexable as we went back to each position. As for the heat, it was comforting once I accepted it. The only issue I had with it was that I was as wet as a fish and slipping all over the place. Note to self: bring a larger towel to use as a mat grip. At the end we worked on our core (aka sit-ups) which was nice because it was only a portion of the class as opposed to the whole thing. The steps leading towards it that prepped me with sweat made it a harder task.

The meditation at the end was my favorite part. You revel in the sweat you worked up, proud and exhausted. The instructor walked around with aromatherapy sprays on a towel and waved it over you. Even though she was waving hot air over you, it felt amazing, and the smell of citrus and lavender smelled heavenly.

Walking out of the class, I felt like a gladiator walking out of the ring. I was DRENCHED and immediately started to get cold, but OMG did it feel good. It was like a took a salt bath. I felt healed and cleansed.

This is definitely something I will do again!


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