Stocking Stuffer Ideas

11 Dec

Hi Everyone! 15 days until Christmas! Stockings are always difficult to fill with things that won’t turn into junk, so I compiled a list of things to think about when you are filling them up!

*Disclaimer: This is in no way hints or tips for my family! I love everything you get me.*

Here’s an idea: practicality. Is it not a surprise to find things that you would use every day? If you know someone’s products and brands, isn’t it nice to kind of do their usual shopping for them? It saves $ and shows that you know them so well!

face washpantene shampoorazortoothbrush

Here’s another idea: Mini stuff! They love candles, get them the 3 for $10 ones so that they can add exra spark (get it?!) around their home or office desk. Get them their favorite hair products in travel size so that they can take them wherever they want!

mini candle

Another: Useful things that they might not think of to get themselves. Examples: antibacterial gel- who ever has too much of that?! Fuzzy socks- embarassing to buy yourself, yet amazing to have in your drawer for those cold nights!

antibacterial gelfuzzy socks

And my last idea: Some of YOUR favorite products that you think everyone should try! I’m all about spreading the word on salt baths, and if someone had the materials, they’d be bound to try it and fall in love! Same with makeup/ nail polish brands, even snacks!

eyeshadowlaveder bath saltsnail polishtjs

Hope this makes it easier for everyone!




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