Christmas is in the Air!

16 Dec

This post is going to be pretty personal. I wanted to share all the Christmas-y shenanigans going on in my life lately. I love it! The spirit, the giving, the music.. This time of year has really grown on me.

Here is a cute picture of Nate and I while we were Christmas tree shopping with his mom. We rarely get nice pictures in good lighting so this had to be posted.

treeThis is the first tree I’ve had since I moved out 4 years ago. I’m so proud of it and I love it so much! Nate’s mom gave us a bunch of ornaments to use, and my mom helped me pick out some cute ones to add too. Our apartment seems to have a little gingerbread theme going on. Nate calls it “the leaning tower of Christmas”


This past weekend, my parents went to Las Vegas for their anniversary. I had to house-sit. Lucky me, our blind dog, Barney decided he likes to escape from the yard whenever left alone and mom’s out of town. I had to retrieve him from a neighbor’s house, my brother had to go get him while he was at work, we ended up having to lock them inside while we went back and forth from Pasadena..big mess! Here’s the culprit. Note his cute holiday sweater.


Saturday, Nate was able to stay with us. We had to sleep in the guest room which has my old full-size bed in it. These dogs sure like to cuddle. It made for a tight sleeping situation. I woke up curled in the top corner. Daisy likes to burrow her head into you in the morning for kisses.



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