2013 Favorites | Beauty, Music, T.V.

2 Jan

Below are my 2013 favorites! Be sure to tweet or comment back with yours! I’d love to know 🙂



Revlon’s Lip Butter! I have acquired a handful of different shades and have loved all of them. They are so moisturizing and buildable.

falsiesAn oldie but goodie- Maybeline’s Falsies mascara. Nothing can beat it!


This was a new find this year. I love how it is so natural, yet has the most noticable results. Check out my coconut oil post here to read about all the things you can use it for.


Regardless if this has had any noticeable results on my hair, it definitely helps detangle it!

lavendarstress relief

Salt baths have been a game- no LIFE changer for me this past year. Not only do they help heal your aura and calm you down psychologically, but it’s good for your skin! Everyone needs to take baths every so often with candles. TREAT YO SELF.


This Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray has made my natural hair look so much more fabulous. Definitely will keep it around for 2014. Talk about an effortless Cali Girl look.


Covergirl’s Outlast Stay Fabulous liquid foundation has be amazing for staying on all day and covering up all my imperfections that I didn’t even notice until they were gone. A definite must-have for the air-brushed look. I tend to only use it when I have to go from day to night with no touch-ups. Keeps my face looking fresh!

geo phyzz

I fell in love with Lush in 2013 with my bath movement. My favorite bath bomb is the Geofizz. It has volcanic salt in it which gives the benefit of the salt bath while soothing sore muscles. I also love the scent. It’s some sort of tree scent too. I like.


BB Cream is a new love I developed in 2013 as well. I wear it every day now instead of moisturizer. Damn I’ve been adventurous this year.


The Neighborhood

The 1975

Happy Body Slow Brain


Paper Route

Gold Fields


Now, Now


Basille (only until it got overplayed)


The Bachelorette

Pretty Little Liars

Breaking Bad

Mad Men

Burning Love

The Kroll Show

Inside Amy Schumer

Long Island Medium (guilty!)

American Horror Story

How I Met Your Mother (this season is redeeming them)


One Response to “2013 Favorites | Beauty, Music, T.V.”

  1. avilesorelg1 January 2, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

    The Covergirl Outlast foundation is the bes! I agree. =)

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