Book Review | Divergent by Veronica Roth

3 Jan


The first book I downloaded on my new Kindle (which I absolutely love by the way) was “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. I try to stay away from the teen fantasy books, but a lot of the YouTubers that I follow recommended it and I decided to give it a chance.

The first few chapters I was definitely not into it. It seemed like a mixture of The Hunger Games with The Selection and a bunch of other typical teen fantasy stories that have been told before. Then I started to fall in love with the world that Roth created. Mostly this is because it is completely different from the world I live in now, which is what I am trying to escape from these days when I read. I think, despite the inhumanity behind it, the idea of injecting people with simulations as tests and treatments is beyond awesome. It merges the longed-for Matrix world with the idea that our brains are a whole other computer world to explore (if that makes any sense). If we had injections like that today, it could solve so many things with tracking devices, an inside look of what mentally ill people are thinking, more accurate SAT scores, who knows!

Anyways, the different “factions” of this world make me wonder which one I would belong in. They all seem to have some type of appeal to me. Then again, it’s hard for me to choose one particular one because I know that I am a mixture of all of those characteristics, and things such as Amity, Bravery, and Selflessness kind of all blend together. I think the obviousness of this conclusion to the audience is what makes the idea of a war breaking out more believable. Honestly though, I am so sick of these cool new worlds that end up in war. Way to make me come back to reality and realize that the world I live in is better. I wish the author would have been more creative that just making a war. Maybe some kind of hidden watergate-type scandal or something.

The process of choosing your faction and the initiations just rang WAY too close to home with the whole sorority/fraternity thing. Parents could be from a certain frat and you could easily be “legacied” in, or you can choose another house, etc… The traditions of the Dauntless jumping off buildings as trust exercises and secret games is straight out of the greek system’s initiation books. After I found out that the author is straight out of college- and even wrote this in college I believe,  it all makes sense to me.

For the romances between Christina and Will, and Tris and Four….WAYYY too predictable. Why is it that in most books, when there is a group of friends, at least two of them start dating each other?! From the very beginning of the book I knew Al was going to go for Tris and Will was going to go for either Tris or Christina. Because apparently guys and girls could never just be friends.

The romance with Tris and Four (Tobias) is not only super predictable, but teaches young girls that she can just flirt her way to get to the top. It’s clear that (though he “tries” to hide it) Four favors Tris throughout the whole initiation process. Also, whenever Tris seems to be in danger, it is beyond predictable that Four comes in and saves her. Talk about the damsel in distress theory! I’m hoping their relationship at least shows more dynamic and maybe even a breakup to show some reality of teen love.

By the way, *SPOILER ALERT* (I’m sure the rest of this post is a big fat spoiler, but it’s so predictable I won’t count it) when Four is revealed as Abegnation leader, Martin’s long lost son Tobias, I went back to the part where it was foreshadowed (page 34 for all of you savy Kindle users) and realized “DUH. This is such a random backstory added into this book. Everything mentioned in the book intertwines together, how did I NOT figure that out?!” Being caught by that surprise, it changed how I read the book.

With all of that out of my system, I overall really enjoyed the book. I need to start reading more adult novels, but I feel that none are as an escape from the real world to me. I am already seven chapters into “Insergent” and will probably review that one too. I guess I’m reluctantly hooked on this trilogy. Especially reluctant now that I know who will be playing Tris in the movie. Gag. She doesn’t even look 16. Anyways, good job Veronica Roth. Thank you for my brain candy. I must also say that (again, thanks for highlighting Kindle) there are some pretty profound quotes in there that really resonate with me. It’s worth reading.


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