Dark Places is Coming to Theaters! Thoughts on the Cast

9 Jan

It is no secret that Gillian Flynn is one of my most favorite authors. This year is going to be AWESOME because 2 of her books are coming to theater in the Fall!! Everyone knew that Gone Girl was coming in October, directed by Reese Witherspoon and starring Ben Afleck. But all of a sudden Dark Places comes out of…a dark place! (queue cheesy joke drum sound). I’m so excited for this! Charlize Theron is going to play Libby!!


At first I thought she was too pretty, but I think she plays the mousy/sharp-featured part.

Nicholas Hoult from Warm Bodies is going to play Lyle. I think with some makeup he can look like the pastey, pimpley nerd that he is. Though I didn’t think he’d be played by an attractive actor at all.


This is what I’m most excited for- Chloe Moretz is going to play Deondra, the high school girlfriend!!! I just love watching young actresses in different, risky roles. This is going to be great for her acting resume. She’s also exactly what I pictured Deondra to look like.


Christina Hendricks is going to play Libby’s mom, Patty. THIS IS PERFECT. On all levels. It will be interesting to see the mother-daughter dynamic with Charlize. Aren’t they similar in age?


Ben Day is going to be played by Corey Stoll. I don’t know who he is, but then again he’s also on House of Cards which I don’t watched. I always thought Ben would be more attractive and innocent-looking.

ben dayThe young Ben Day will be played by Tye Sheridan. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! First of all his scenes with Chloe will be illegal. He looks 10. He’s supposed to look like he’s in high school. Not totally behind this choice…

tye sheridan

Do you guys have any thoughts?? Needless to say it’s one of my favorite books!


3 Responses to “Dark Places is Coming to Theaters! Thoughts on the Cast”

  1. georgia + darlin' January 9, 2014 at 1:44 am #

    I’m excited about this as well! Have you read Sharp Objects? I pictured Charlize in the lead role for that one, definitely not as Libby in Dark Places. So much of the book described her as short, and Theron is an amazon woman! Still like her though, and I’m sure she’ll capture the spirit of the character well.

    I LOVE Corey Stoll. I definitely recommend watching him in House of Cards… he will steal your heart. He’s one of those people who may not be photogenic or have classic good looks, but he is more attractive than his photos and very likable, so I’m excited that he will play Ben. It’s a great book! I’ll be counting down for this one for sure.

    • emmajaegle January 9, 2014 at 1:59 am #

      Yes I read it!!! I always pictured a brunette or red head like Emma Stone or Leighton Meester playing the lead in Sharp Objects

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