Ins & Outs

10 Jan



  • Mean Girls themed parties. My friend Blake thought of this for his birthday and it was so fun! I feel like only a certain generation can appreciate this. You can’t really see in the pic, but Blake was Karen with a backwards bedazzled “B” on his chest, and I was Gretchen. It was surprisingly easy to pull out clothes from that era out of my closet. That movie is a decade old now! Blake was so cute, he made a burn book with all of our friends’ pictures and funny lines from the movie.


  • It’s that time of the year when this little munchkin likes to cuddle under blankets. On Sunday he took a nap with me. He was curled in the nook of my stomach and thighs under the blanket. Too cute.


  • Extra family time. I really only get to have moments with my brother and cousins over the holidays. The love for my family has grown a lot over time, and I can’t get enough of them! I really enjoyed conducting the family games and activities for Christmas Eve this year. I got to talk to everyone one on one over email months before while planning. I’m especially fortunate that my mom’s birthday is on January 8th. This is like a bonus holiday for my family to get together. On Friday we’re all going to watch an improv group do a “one hit wonder” musical. I’m so excited!


  • THE BACHELOR!!! Yay, finally! At first (I’m probably the only one who felt this way) I was apprehensive about it being Juan Pablo. After watching the season premiere I think he’s my favorite bachelor yet. He seems the most down to earth and it’s refreshing. The candidates I’m not sure about yet…


  • American Horror Story! Nate and I are so hooked! I loved the newest episode of Coven that aired last night. We are also binge-watching Asylum on Netflix. Asylum is not for the weak hearted- there’s tons of gore and nasty things that I haven’t even thought up in my head before! But I love the plot twists and characters. The cast is truly talented now that I’m familiar with multiple seasons.
  • My Kindle! I’m obsessed. I take it to the gym, I read it when I dry my hair, I use it all the time! So much more convenient than a book. I’m currently reading the Divergent series, but looking for more books to read. The only complaint I have is that it’s hard to find good books when I’m browsing on Kindle. I need to go online first to research or something before I buy anything.


  • Being back at work from a 2 week break! My body clock is all askew and traffic has no mercy :/


  • Pretty Little Liars- I have a love-hate relationship with this show. Right now I’m frustrated with the lack of progress and quick change of character traits. All of a sudden Ezra looks and acts more evil, for some reason Mona knows about him, the girls all of a sudden think to find out who’s body is in the casket… Not to mention they’ve been Juniors and Seniors in high school for way too long. They’ve celebrated 4 Halloweens and no other holidays lol. It’s ask when the show is on break, the girls are no longer bothered by A. So weird.
  • Being sore! My increase in exercise has led to an increase in feeling like an old lady.
  • Taxes. Please don’t screw me over, please don’t screw me over…
  • Switching careers..It’s so much more difficult and complicated that I imagined. Hopefully it will all be worth it! I believe God has a plan in all of this.

3 Responses to “Ins & Outs”

  1. Cassie January 10, 2014 at 2:55 am #

    My students wear pink every Wednesday just because of Mean Girls. I kind of secretly love it. : ) Your party sounds AMAZING. AH! The Bachelor, loved the first episode and he got rid of the crazy ones which were good. I think Pretty Little Liars got too weird. I really liked it in the beginning seasons, but now it’s just throwing me all off.

    • emmajaegle January 10, 2014 at 5:18 pm #

      I hope your students don’t wear pink to be a plastic! That ruins the lesson of the movie haha YES thank god Juan Pablo has good judgement on women- although the barefoot girl was still there, and in the sneak peek of the upcoming episodes, it looks like there will be drama about it..

  2. Dream it Be it Do it January 14, 2014 at 8:16 pm #

    Kindles rule. Taxes suck. And your soreness will go away, but only if you keep at it, at least every other day! Good luck!

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