DIY Hair Mask

14 Jan

I blow dry my hair every night. I can’t help it! It’s too cold to let it air dry, and I don’t sleep as well when I go to bed with wet hair. I also can’t even think about skipping a hair wash because it makes me feel dirty and gross.  This causes my hair to be really dry. Guess what? I have tons of DIY hair mask recipes! This one is my favorite currently.


STEP 1: Mash up bananas! My hair is medium/long and pretty thick. I use 2 bananas. I think the best consistency is when it’s ripe, but not brown.


STEP 2: BEER!! That’s right, mix in about half a bottle/can of beer. I haven’t found a difference between ales, lagers, darkness, lightness, etc. Good news, you have half a beer you can drink while you’re letting your hair sit! Beer actually is really moisturizing for your hair.

That’s it! Just let your hair sit for about 15-20 mins and it’ll feel super silky when you wash it! Sometimes I add in a little coconut oil too.








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