SPF is Bad For Your Skin?

22 Jan

spfI work for a PR company that represents a skincare line. The founder of the line (who I will remain anonymous for protection reasons) was on the phone with me giving me the rundown of all the products and why they are special. I noticed something about all of them. There was no SPF. Don’t most skincare products have SPF these days? Why doesn’t this one? It’s made with all of the most natural ingredients and healthy minerals to hydrate your skin and make it have that flawless glow. The founder then shared with me that SPF is a barrier and has a sort of waxy consistency. This would prevent any kind of skin absorption of minerals and moisturizer. So when you see a product that says “hydrating/moisturizing” with “SPF”, don’t expect your skin to actually be hydrated/moisturized from it. I had no idea about this! BUT here’s the good news. If you put on moisturizer BEFORE the SPF stuff, your skin should absorb it all just fine. I found this super interesting..


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