What I think of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

23 Jan


First, I should admit that I am addicted to watching reality t.v. Maybe it’s the psychology major in me, but I love watching humans interact in various situations. When I saw the commercial for The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E!, I was like “OMG Is this a new Bling Ring/Pretty Wild kind of show?!”. No, it’s grown-ass adults in their late twenties deemed as “kids”- basically because they act like kids. They are “funemployed” and gallivant all over the west side spending their parents’ money ridiculously. Here I am trying to figure out how I would pay 60k for graduate school, while they’re dropping 400k in a single shopping trip. Obviously, that created “a red hot feeling in my tummy” as a kid I used to babysit once said. To give you a taste of what these girls are like: they talk like purebred valley girls, have countless Birkas and pairs of Loubs, spend 50k on a typical Friday night because clubs are too “New Years Eve” on Fridays, and plan their days with lunches, shopping, and workout classes. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. These people ACTUALLY exist. And yet, all I want to do is watch them. It’s like watching a car accident. It’s like watching another world inside the one I live in. It’s an escape from my world into a world where the biggest worry is if people “like” their selfies on Instagram. YOU ARE ALMOST 30! ……but if only that were my life! Of course it would get incredibly boring, but oh how I would love to have the option to live that way. If that were my life, I’d definitely be doing something productive where I can live off of my own money and help the rest of the world. Just being introduced to these people’s lives gives me the option to daydream about what that kind of life would be like for me, and that alone is enough of an escape from my day. If any of that love/hate rambling makes sense…lol

What do you guys think of the show?




One Response to “What I think of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”

  1. renn22 January 23, 2014 at 9:57 pm #

    As I write this..I am watching this show! I couldn’t agree more, it’s like a trainwreck I can’t look away from…but I probably will watch the whole season.lol They have spent a good portion of the show taking selfies…goodness. I thought I was bad. I think you have your finger on the pulse of this show..its good in such a bad bad way.

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