Pandora After Party

28 Jan

I got to be Nate’s plus one to the Pandora after party after the Grammy’s. I was especially excited that Lance Bass and Josh Radner showed up. Of course I wouldn’t dare ask for their pictures- they’re supposed to be among their industry peers. My friend, Michele and I stuck with eye stalking them. Adrien Lux was the DJ. My brother knew who that was, but his clubby music wasn’t anything special to me. The open bar was amazing! Too bad I was still recovering from my poor choice in vodka the night before to take full advantage. The food was so good! Fried mushroom risotto balls, burger and pulled chicken sliders, and a beet and cheese on bread combo. Not to mention the dessert cookies and doughnuts being passed around. YUM. No need for a Taco Bell stop after that party! Below are some pics from the complimentary photo booth and by the bar. The photo booth had weird timing..I swear we posed cuter when we thought our pics were being taken! How cute is Nate in a bow tie by the way?! ❤




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