Pooping in Public

1 Feb

Such a catchy title, huh? I was debating if posting this would taint my blog’s reputation, but I figured these tips would be appreciated by all so I’m taking one for the team. SO here we go….Pooping. Everyone does it. Even the ladies! And sometimes we just gotta go, even if we’re in public. Even at work. Actually, for most people it would be usually at work since that’s where you spend most of your time during the week. I know “Poo-Pouri” exists now, but how embarrassing is that to be seen chillen in your purse or walking to the bathroom?! With my experience, I’ve developed some great tips to “go” incognito.

1. Toilet Seat Covers!!!! The most horrific thing in my day is walking into a bathroom stall to find someone’s skid marks all over the toilet bowl. Gross. And it’s happened plenty times. Some people flush twice to get rid of it, but sometimes I’ve walked in on a 20-flusher. Here’s how to avoid that: lay a toilet seat cover on top of the water before you put another one on the seat. VOILA, CLEAN FLUSH!

2. Lighting matches eliminate smells. Yes, it will smell like matches. But it’s better than smelling poop. Also, the smell goes away way faster. Just shove a matchbook in your pocket, do your business, light a match and wave it around until it goes out. BOOM YOU’RE A PHANTOM.

While I’m on this bathroom topic (and hope to never come back to it) I might as well vent. Ladies, why is there pee drops on public toilet seats?! If it’s a dry seat, and there are covers, there is no reason for you to squat and leave a wet present for someone else to sit on later. Nasty! And if you have a weird phobia of ass to toilet-covered seat, please have the decency to wipe it down after.

Men who have read this, I apologize. Women are probably just as gross or even more so than you. I won’t even get into the feminine products vent..


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