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7 Feb

juan pablo

I apologize for not being able to give my Bachelor thoughts/updates as often as I’d like this season. Honestly, I’m very disappointed. At first I thought that Juan Pablo could have been the most down-to-earth favorite bachelor yet, but of course he had to open his big mouth to the media about gays and then LIE to the girls on the show. “I’m not kissing anyone tonight”..*goes and makes out with Clare*, then he bones Clare in the ocean and says they shouldn’t have done that in a way that makes her come off as a ho. Grrr. It takes two to make that motion in the ocean, mister! Then he CRIES when he sends 3 girls home who I swear was the longest they’ve EVER been on camera. I didn’t even recognize one of them when she left. Did Juan Pablo even talk to them?

Anyways, so not that he’s any prize anymore, I’m also disappointed with the women! Here are my thoughts on who’s remaining.


Andi– She’s my favorite. She is definitely too smart for JP being in law and all. If he sends her home, he’s stupid. If she stays, she’s stupid. Besides their similar senses of humor, it’s just not a match.

bachelor cassandra

Cassandra- I actually like her too. My only reservations are that she is only 21 and supposedly has baby daddy drama. Maybe she just isn’t ready to settle down or over her ex. She seems to have some personal growing to do. Her and Juan Pablo seem a little awkward interacting together too..

bachelor chelsie

Chelsie- I don’t mind so much that she’s 23. She seems ready to settle down. The thing is that I don’t think Juan Pablo deserves her. He runs into the ocean to bang a chick, and I just see her as having a little more class and conservation than doing something like that. She has to be a role model for her students after all.

bachelor claire

Clare- At this rate I think her and JP deserve each other. I was a fan of her on their first date, but after that she is nothing but a clingy, jealous, two-faced lady. Juan Pablo should know by now that if the other girls don’t get along with someone, that someone is bad news. He just doesn’t care though, he breaks all the rules with her because he thinks with his little head instead of his brain.

bachelor kat

Kat- This one will either be the under dog that stays until the end, or is the next to go. I think her and JP would be a good match. They seem to have fun and both like to dance! Not sure if she’s ready to be a step-mom yet. They need more one-on-one time.

bachelor nikki

Nikki- People don’t like her because of how she takes control and doesn’t make efforts with the other girls. I feel like this is slightly different than Clare though. She could potentially ooze evil, so don’t hold my word for it, but there’s something about her that I understand. She seems like the type that is genuinely good because she is a children’s nurse. Maybe she’s just one of those girls that don’t have many girl friends. I can relate to that! I think she’s going to stick around for a while.

bachelor renee

Renee- I love her!! If Juan Pable knew what was good for him, he’d choose her. I just don’t feel that he deserves her.. He seems flighty and not honest, but maybe it’s just the bachelor show’s influence. She needs a good step dad to her son. I have a feeling that she will stick around to the end. Maybe even home towns. But if she knew what was good for  herself and her son, she’d put him through a ringer of tests to prove himself.

bachelor sharleen

Sharleen- Let’s face it, she’s blinded by his looks. He’s blinded by her “worldliness”- he wants a girl that will travel with him for his job. She KNOWS he’s not a long-term compatibility, and she made it OBVIOUS that she does not want kids! What are they both thinking?! She should be the next to go.

I really think this season is a dud. There will be no wedding, or a divorce soon after. So sad… We will see though! I’m still entertained. Let me know what you all think!




3 Responses to “The Bachelor | My Thoughts”

  1. georgia + darlin' February 7, 2014 at 8:08 pm #

    i’ve been watching, too, and the show is a train wreck that i can’t stop watching… andi and renee are my favorites, though i’m secretly hoping they don’t get picked because they both deserve better.

    i could see that when he was not in the heat of the moment that he regretted his ocean “romance” (or at least he was acting this way for the cameras), but he took no ownership in his actions — it sounded to me like he was telling clare that he felt pressured to do it and didn’t really want to. ugh. as if. agreed — zero class.

  2. biancap01 February 7, 2014 at 8:57 pm #

    I just nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. One part of it is to let the bloggers know who you nominated and then have them make their own list of their chosen nominees. Thanks for having your wonderful blog and allowing people like me to read a little bit about you and your thoughts!
    You can see my list of nominations at

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