8 Mar


Astrology is one of those touchy subjects. Some people think it’s a bunch of hoopla, while others live by it. I happen to be one of the people that keep tabs on the planetary alignment and get impressions of people based off of their signs. Don’t get me wrong- there’s exceptions for everything. I don’t judge people if they tell me they are a Leo (for example). Everyone has a unique planetary formula based on the exact minute and place they are born. Sure, the basic signs could be somewhat vague and I’ve heard before that people think all signs could fit everyone. But the truth is that we all have all of the signs in us somehow. It just depends on what gets brought out and at what time. Going back, if someone tells me that they are a Leo, sure I can say “get a load of this guy, he’s going to want the spotlight and be extremely pretentious.” But depending on their sun, moon, ascending signs, etc., it could be in a totally different way. They could be the type of Leo that only wants the spotlight and the best things for their loved ones.

I suggest that everyone look further into astrology. There are licensed scientists, philosophers, even doctors that believe in it. Your basic sign is only the surface to who you really are, and you could learn a lot about yourself. A website that I suggest is It’s completely free, and all you need to know is your birth date, time, and location. Do your natal birch chart. At first it will be completely overwhelming like another language with charts, but if you print yours out with the explanation and then read it’s horoscope predictions according to houses, you’d be completely surprised on how much it will help you on your state of mind at certain times looking back, and warn you about things that you will be feeling in the future.

I’m not looking for a debate in the comments, so please abstain. This is only my opinion and I only hope that it will inspire whoever is reading this to give it a try when they have a free moment.


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