Shenanigans in Irvine/ I Promise We Aren’t Alcoholics

1 Apr

This past weekend was my cousin’s big wedding. It was finally here!

My Saturday started off with a trip to The DryBar at 8:15 a.m. It was my first time and I had a gift certificate from Christmas. It was fun, I just don’t think I would pay for it myself. My hair didn’t really hold the glamorous look, and I could probably do it myself. It was a fun experience being pampered though. I loved the hair dryer chandelier.

photo 1

Though it was early, The DryBar gave me a big mimosa. How could I turn it down? They were playing Dirty Dancing too. The day was off to a nice start.

At 9:30 a.m. we picked up my brother A.J. and made our way over to Irvine (with a stop at Starbucks first, duh)

photo 2Irvine was gorgeous. I wish we could have been there another day to go to the beach or something.

We ate lunch at Red O with my parents and I tried OYSTERS for the first time. It wasn’t bad…nothing I would crave, but it was interesting. I felt like a badass.

photo 3At one point that day, my family decided they wanted to buy Blanton’s whiskey (because apparently it’s my parents’ latest obsession) and pregame to the wedding/smuggle it in- there were rumors that there would be limited to no alcohol.

We packed into one car and drove around calling liquor stores for about 20 mins. Then my mom and I needed to start getting ready for the wedding. Nate and A.J. decided to bust a mission and get it.


Remember this bottle, because it is probably the best whiskey I’ve ever had. It’s like 93% proof and goes down sooo smoothly.

We had a nice drank before leaving for the ceremony at Strawberry Farms.

IMG_2409Isn’t it cute?! God I cried so much. I didn’t even expect too. The vows were the sweetest and probably made everyone in attendance jealous of their love. Little Brian is all grown up and married now 😦

photo 4Left: Aunt Dori, A.J., Me (my hair looked pretty good, I won’t lie), Nate, Mom (note her leg makeup- she looks so much tanner than me!), Steve

These sexy babies are what I wore under my dress…

spanxIt was my first time wearing spanx. and probably my last. After I ate the dinner and felt full, I had to run to the bathroom and go commando the rest of the night. It’s ironic because the wedding guests were all devout Christians. Guess it’s our little secret now! 😉


I loved their simplistic decor. It was so romantic.

About halfway through the speeches, my parents decided the alcohol quality was not that great. Turned out that my Aunt Dori happened to smuggle in a bottle of wine (she had also heard the rumor about alcohol possibly not being there). They almost got through the whole bottle before it got confiscated. Such rebels. I just stuck with my Stella Artois on tap. Turns out it was an open bar after all 🙂

How perfect is this wedding cake?!? My uncle made it! It was amaze-balls. Banana with cream cheese frosting, and then chocolate with butter cream. I really dig the cake topper too.


Then due to my drinking since 8:15 a.m., I was corpse-like around 10:00 p.m. So much for wanting an after party with my fam. We all crashed back at the hotel. The next morning Nate, A.J. and I piled back in the car and went straight home (after another stop at Starbucks). I had to get back to this little man ❤



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