Netflix Recommendation | The Other F Word

16 Apr


I’m sure every one knows about Blackfish, the documentary on the killer whales at Sea World (if not, you better watch it ASAP!).

I found myself in a conversation with my friend about it and naturally it led to more Netflix documentaries to watch. He told Nate and me that we had to check out “The Other F Word.” This is about punk rocker band guys who are now past their prime and have children.


It is interesting because you never think about how after the 90’s/2000’s, they still have to keep their image and ego up even though they aren’t the rambunctious guys from their late teens/20’s. They all still have to wear the punk clothes, have the tattoos and the crazy hair, and party on stage. They still have to endure the tours, buses, crappy food, and lack of sleep. It’s all for the same amount of money. These guys have to keep working to provide for their families. They have to live with alter-ego’s where they are Ward Cleaver at home with their families, and then rockstar badasses on the road- guys who they wouldn’t want their daughters to be around.



I was deeply moved by this documentary. It puts things in perspective. Nate used to be a touring musician, and it makes me a little glad that he found a better path. I don’t know what I would do if he was out of town 265 days out of the year and enduring those conditions.

Thanks Kellen for the recommendation!


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